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Explore Application

Form number: 1042

This form is to be used for 2019 spring or summer applications.

Use this form if you are a student and wish to apply for Explore. Before you start, ensure that you have the following information at hand: 

  • Your Social Insurance Number
  • Your Permanent Code

Remember to submit all required documents.


Using Online Services is more efficient. You can submit your Explore application easily and quickly, and receive a response in a short period of time.The online form includes the detailed list of documents that you will need to include, if any.

Online Services

Other way to submit your application


If you do not have a Permanent Code or a Social Insurance Number (SIN) yet, have a temporary SIN or do not want to share it with us for the time being, you will need to use the paper form.

You need Adobe Reader version 8 or later to fill out this form once you have saved it to your computer. After the form is filled out, print it, have it signed by an authorized officer of your educational institution and, if needed, by one of your parents, then sign it yourself and mail it to us.

Download the form

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