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Application for the Deferred Payment Plan

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Form number: 2025

This form can be used for all award years.

You need to fill out this form if you have completed your studies and are unable to meet the student loan debt repayment plan established by your financial institution, due to a precarious financial situation.

The Deferred Payment Plan allows you to repay your student loan in accordance with your means. If you qualify, your application will cover a maximum of six consecutive months.

You will need to provide proof of income, including your pay slips or cheque stubs, proof of employment insurance and parental insurance benefits, if any, etc.

Make your application directly in your online file to receive an estimate of the installment payments for repaying your student loan debt in your present circumstances, as well as the list of the documents you will need to provide.


Upload your documents to Your Student Financial Assistance File.  They will be processed faster if you submit them online rather than by mail.

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You will need Adobe Reader version 8 or later to fill out this form once you have saved it to your computer. After the form is filled out, print it, then sign and mail it to the address shown on the form itself.

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