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Family Status Declaration (previous version)

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Form number: 1040

This form is to be used for applications relating to the September 1, 2021 – August 31, 2022 award year.

You must fill out this form to inform Aide financière aux études of a de facto separation or child custody arrangements. Your child must live with you at least 25% of the time to be deemed dependent. 

This form must be provided if there is no court-sanctioned child custody order or if you and your ex-spouse have agreed to change the custody arrangements for one or more of your children. Consequently, the other parent’s signature on the form is mandatory.

There is no need to produce this form if both parents of the child live together. However, if the members of the couple are not both the child’s parents, the form must be filled out by the parent who has custody.

This form will not be considered valid unless it has been signed by a Commissioner for Oaths.

Digital transmission

Print the form, fill it out and have it signed by the other parent, if necessary, and by a Commissionner for Oaths.  Then scan it and upload it to Your Student Financial Assistance File.

Other way to submit your document


If you are unable to submit this form digitally, you can mail it to us. Print the form, fill it out, have your ex-spouse sign it, if applicable, then sign it yourself, have it countersigned by a Commissioner for Oaths and mail it to the address shown on the form itself.