Medical Certificate

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Form number: 2027

This form can be used for all award years.

You need to use this form if you are experiencing problems in repaying your student loan to your financial institution due to your state of health and wish to benefit from a temporary debt repayment suspension. 

You will also need to fill out this form if you have a debt payable to the Aide financière aux études collection department and the agent in charge of your file so requests.

This form must be filled out and signed by a physician.

Download the form

Digital transmission

Print the form, fill it out and have it signed by a doctor. Then scan it and upload it to Your Student Financial Assistance File.

Other way to submit your document


If you are unable to submit this form digitally you can mail it to us. Print the form, have it filled out by a physician, then sign it yourself and mail it to the address shown on the form itself.