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List of documents that cannot be uploaded to your online file

Some Aide financière aux études forms cannot be uploaded due to the fact that equivalent forms exist and can be filled out online.

If you wish to provide us with information for one of the forms listed below, please use the online form that is available in the tab of the program to which you are applying.

The following forms are not to be digitized and uploaded.

Loans and Bursaries Program

  • Application for Financial Assistance – Loans and Bursaries Program (1001)
  • Schedule A – Student’s Dependent Children (1005)
  • Confirmation of Financial Resources (1086)
  • Declaration of Father or Sponsor (1150)
  • Declaration of Mother or Sponsor (1151)
  • Declaration of Spouse (1152)
  • Application for the Recognition of a Program of Study or Educational Institution – Studies Outside Québec (1301)

Loans Program

  • Loan Application for Part-Time Studies (1124)
  • Schedule 1 – Declaration of Student's Spouse (1125)
  • Schedule 2 – Student's Parents or Sponsor (1126)

Other Programs

  • Application for a Second Language Explore Bursary (1042)
  • Application for a Special Needs Allowance (1117)
  • Application for the Deferred Payment Plan (2025)
  • Authorization to use the Preauthorized Debit – Repayment Agreement (9023)
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