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Filling Your Application

Explore Without Limits - Live the Canadian Experience.

Read this before filling out your application

Choose up to three educational institutions on the basis of their individual eligibility criteria. Course start and end dates, age groups and type of accommodations vary among institutions and sessions. As such, it is important to first obtain the necessary information and consider the relevant details when applying.

Some destinations are very popular and available spots there are filled in the first draw.

The following strategy will increase your chances:

  • Choose at least one institution that is located outside of a major urban centre.
  • Diversify your choice of provinces.

You also need to know that since the goal of the Explore Program is language immersion and learning about a different region of Canada, you cannot be a program participant in your home region. For example, if you live in the Montréal metropolitan area, you cannot participate in the Explore Program at a institutions located in Montréal and will instead need to choose schools that are located in other regions of Québec or elsewhere in Canada.

How to fill out your application

Online form

You can apply for the Explore program using our online services.

The online Application Procedure User Guide will help you through the application process.

Once you log in, click on the Explore Forms tab, then on Apply in the Fill out a form section.

The online form will validate your information as you enter it. See Submitting Documents below for information on sending us any required documents.

You will also be required to provide your Social Insurance Number (SIN) when applying online.

Should you need to provide the Parental Approval Schedule or any other document, this will be indicated in the Required documents section of your online form.

You need to provide an email address that is not associated with an educational institution. For example, do not use jo@bishopsu.ca. 

Paper form

If you do not have Social Insurance Number (SIN) yet, have a temporary SIN or do not want to share it with us for the time being, you will need to use the paper form, which you can obtain in the Forms section of our website.

If you have not reached 18 years of age when you apply, you will need to fill out Section 7 of the form (parental authorization).

Submitting documents

You may submit your documents in any of the following ways:

  • Log in to your online file, click on the Uploading a document tab, digitize the fully-executed documents and upload them to Required documents.
  • Mail them to:
    Explore Program
    1035, rue De La Chevrotière
    Québec (Québec)  G1R 5A5
  • Fax them to 418-644-3158.