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Future Teachers Appreciation Program

The purpose of this program is to value future teachers and to promote teacher training. As such, it aims at recognizing the importance of the intern’s role and participation in student success during the final internship.

If you qualify for the program and complete your internship you will be entitled to a total of $3900, independent of the duration of your final internship.

Eligibility requirements

In order to qualify for the Future Teachers Appreciation Program, you must be enrolled in the final internship of an accredited teacher training program (Bachelor’s or Master’s degree). The internship may take place at a public or private educational institution.

You are not eligible for this program if:

  • you have already received the total amount of $3900 provided under the program
  • your internship is employment or probationary in nature
  • you are remunerated for completing the internship (bursary or other type of income)

How to apply

Use the Application for admission to the Future Teachers Appreciation Program Form. Fill out Section 1 yourself and have Section 2 filled out by an authorized person at your educational institution’s student financial aid office. Mail us the form no later than 60 days from the start of your internship. You will subsequently receive a notice of approval or denial of eligibility by mail.

Repeating an internship

If you do not finish your final internship and start over at a later date, you will need to resubmit a form.


If you qualify for the program you will receive a first instalment by cheque in the amount of $1950. If you withdraw and start your internship over again, you will not receive the first instalment since it will have previously been made.

We will contact your educational institution once you have finished your internship. After we receive confirmation that you have completed your final internship you will receive the second instalment of $1950. All payments are made by cheque mailed to the address written on your application.

The amount paid under this program is deemed taxable income and that a tax slip will be mailed to you to be attached to your tax return.

Additionally, if you are a beneficiary of the Loans and Bursaries Program, the amounts received under this program must be reported on the Scholarships or bursaries line of your application for financial assistance.