The following steps demonstrate how the amount of financial assistance is calculated.

Step 1 – Allowable expenses

We determine the eligibility of your expenses. Allowable expenses are those deemed required for the pursuit of your studies.

Monthly Expenses
One-time Expenses
Allowable Expenses

Step 2 – Contributions

We establish the amount of your contribution to your education. We then check the category in which you belong:

  • Students with a contribution from their parents or sponsor
  • Students with a spousal contribution
  • Students without a contribution from their parents, sponsor or spouse

Depending on the student category to which you belong, the contribution from your parents, sponsor or spouse will be added to your own contribution.

Student’s Contribution
Contribution from parents, sponsor or spouse
(if applicable)
Total Contributions

Step 3 – Financial needs

We deduct all contributions from your allowable expenses to calculate your financial needs.

Allowable Expenses
Financial Needs

Step 4 – Loan amount for the award year

We calculate the amount of the loan that could be granted to you for the award year (September 1-August 31).

Loan amount based on level of education and program
Number of months of studies
Loan amount for the award year

If you withdraw from a course or temporarily drop out, the months will still be counted as part of the number of months of studies for the purpose of calculating the amount of your loan if you return to full-time studies the following term.

Step 5 – Awarded financial assistance

In order to determine the amount of awarded financial assistance, we compare the loan amount for the award year (Step 4) to your financial needs (Step 3).