Sponsor Contribution

Your sponsor’s contribution is determined based on the income they report in their declaration form. Filing a declaration form is mandatory, because the amount of your sponsor’s contribution must be included in the calculation of your financial assistance. As such, no assessment will be made until we have received your sponsor’s declaration form.

Disposable income

We use the sponsor’s gross income in order to determine disposable income and then deduct any applicable exemptions. An exemption in the amount of $3 067 is granted for each of the sponsor’s dependents (excluding you). 

If you have a major functional disability, an additional exemption of $2 603 is granted. 

Calculation of disposable income

(Gross income - exemptions)
Disposable income

Expected contribution

A progressive contribution rate is then applied to the resulting disposable income in order to determine the sponsor’s expected contribution.

(Gross income - exemptions)
Disposable income

Expected contribution from sponsor
Disposable Income Expected contribution (fixed portion and applicable rate)
$0 to $40 000 $0
$40 001 to $67 000 $0 on the first $40 000 and 19% on the remainder
$67 001 to $77 000 $5 130 on the first $67 000 and 29% on the remainder
$77 001 to $87 000 $8 030 on the first $77 000 and 39% on the remainder
$87 001 + $11 930 on the first $87 000 and 49% on the remainder

The result is divided by the number of secondary level vocational training or postsecondary students for whom the sponsor’s contribution is expected.

Calculation of the contribution

The following calculation establishes the amount of the sponsor’s contribution: 

(Disposable income - fixed portion) x applicable rate
(number of students for whom the sponsor's contribution is expected)
Sponsor's contribution