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Confirmation of Situation – Deemed Enrolled Status

If you are eligible for allowable expenses as a deemed enrolled student for the last months of the award year, we will ask you to fill out a form in March to confirm your eligibility.

At that time, you will need to confirm that you intend to continue with your full-time or deemed full-time studies no later than four months from the end of your studies in the current award year and re-apply for financial assistance for the subsequent award year.

Please note that your attendance will be verified with your educational institution. If you have not met the eligibility criteria, any financial assistance already paid will be reclaimed from you.

You are obligated to inform us of any change to your situation during the year that could affect the amount of your financial assistance.


We will notify you by email when you need to confirm your situation. To fill out the form, go to Online Services, click on Full-Time forms and then on Confirmation of Situation – Deemed Enrolled Status.