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Loans Program Assistance Assessment

If financial assistance is awarded to you under the Loans Program for Part-Time Studies, you will receive it as a loan on a term-by-term basis. 

The amount that is awarded to you is based on a preliminary calculation that establishes your eligibility for a loan.

The following factors are considered in the calculation: 

  • your student category 
  • the number of your dependent children and whether or not you are a single parent
  • your income and the income of your parents, sponsor or spouse, if applicable 
  • your eligibility threshold

Eligibility threshold

Once we determine your student category, we establish your eligibility threshold. This figure is calculated as a function of the base amount for your category and other amounts that correspond to related factors, if any. If your income is less than your eligibility threshold, you will receive a loan. 

Allowed expenses

Your loan is meant to cover allowed expenses, i.e., educational expenses and childcare (as applicable). 

Educational expenses

The amount awarded per term for educational expenses is calculated as follows:

The number of credits for which you are enrolled, or
the number of your course hours


Fixed amount per level of education

Childcare expenses

The amount awarded for childcare expenses per term is calculated as follows:



The number of your dependent children under age 12, and
the number of your dependent children aged 12 to 17 who suffer from a major
functional disability or a mental disorder

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