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Guarantee Certificate

You need your Guarantee Certificate in order to receive payment of the financial assistance awarded to you. This document, which remains valid for the entire duration of your studies, is issued to you several days before the start of your first term. However, a new certificate will be provided if you interrupt your studies for more than six months then resume them, as long as you remain eligible for financial assistance.

First application for financial assistance

If this is your first application for financial assistance under the Loans Program for Part-Time Studies, you will need to pick up your Guarantee Certificate from your educational institution’s student aid office several days before the start of your first term. 

The certificate is needed to trigger the process whereby financial institution program partners can pay the amounts awarded to you. As such, in order to receive your financial assistance you must, prior to the expiry date of the certificate, bring it to a Québec branch of one of the following financial institutions: 

  • Desjardins 
  • BMO Bank of Montreal 
  • Laurentian Bank 
  • National Bank 
  • RBC Royal Bank of Canada 

Your student financial assistance will then be deposited directly into your account.

Subsequent applications

If you submit a new application for financial assistance without having interrupted your studies for more than six months, the Guarantee Certificate you brought to your financial institution remains valid, and there is no need to request a new one. Both your financial institution and Aide financière aux études already have your banking information, and payment will be made directly into your account once your educational institution’s student aid office confirms your student status to Aide financière aux études.

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