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Filling your application

  1. First, ensure that you have a Permanent Code.
  2. Fill out the Loans Program for Part-Time Studies application
    You can apply for a loan on-line. Simply log in, click on the Part-Time Forms tab then in the Fill out a form section click on Apply for a Loan. Using the web is easy, fast and secure!
  3. Submit all documents required for the analysis of your application (if applicable).
    All required documents and forms must be sent to Aide financière aux études within 45 days.

    Icône de dépôt en ligneYou can submit your documents easily and securely by uploading them right into your on-line file. 

    If you are unable to provide a document in digital format, you can mail it to us.

  4. Check your assessment.
    After all required documents have been received, Aide financière aux études will issue an assessment that tells you exactly how much financial assistance has been awarded to you. You can find the assessment by logging in your online file. Click on Your File, then Part-Time Studies.
    Caution! Your assessment and award payments could be delayed if documents are non-compliant or submitted late.
  5. Pick up your Guarantee certificate.
    To obtain the assistance awarded to you, you must have your Guarantee Certificate. You must pick up your guarantee certificate at the financial assistance office at your educational institution when your first study period begins.
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