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A message about the new improvement measures

Please note that the amounts shown on the Aide financière aux études website for award year 2017–2018 do not currently include the improvement measures that were announced by the Minister responsible for Higher Education on December 15, 2016. 

These measures are as follows: 

  • An increase to the cost of living expenses and the additional cost of living expenses for single parents that participate in the Loans and Bursaries Program
  • Additional round-trip air ticket per term for beneficiaries of the Loans and Bursaries Program whose residence and educational institution are located within in Québec but are not connected by road
  • Increased Loans Program for Part-Time Studies eligibility threshold 
  • Increased Deferred Payment Plan eligibility threshold 

Student applicants for 2017–2018 financial assistance for full-time or part-time studies will have their files automatically reassessed once these new measures come into effect. It is therefore unnecessary to contact Aide financière aux études about this matter.

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