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Availability of Documents Needed for your Tax Returns

You can now view, save and print the 2018 tax slips that are available in your file and, if so required, include them with your tax return. Log in to your online file, go to the Your file tab and click on the Tax slips section.

To the beneficiaries that chose to receive their tax slips by mail, Aide financière aux études starts mailing the documents today.

The documents you need for your current year’s tax return are always shown in your online file in the Tax Slips section, under the Your File tab. If no documents are shown, it means that none are required in your case.

Aide financière aux études issues the following types of file-appropriate tax slips:

  • Relevé 1 (RL-1 slip, employment and other income) and T4A – The figure shown on your Relevé 1 and/or T4A corresponds to the amount that was converted to a bursary during the year.
  • Tax slip – Bursary overpayment
  • Tax slip – Student loan interest
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