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Digital Transmission

If you need to submit a document for us to continue processing your file, we encourage you to use our Online Services and upload it right into your file. You will be able to do this for documents that we specifically request and/or documents that you choose to submit on a voluntary basis.

You will first need to save a digitized version of the document on your computer or work station then upload it to your personal online file so that Aide financière aux études can process the information it contains.

There are a host of advantages to uploading your documents right into your online file:

  • Limiting the chance of mistakes occurring due to the step-by-step real time document validation process
  • Secure transmission of your personal information
  • Faster processing of your file
  • It’s environmental friendly!

When you apply for financial assistance,  you have to send us the required documents by a specific deadline that is mentioned in the notice of receipt of your application. If you neglect to submit the documents by that deadline, your file will be automatically closed.

If you are unable to use our online services

If you do not have a Permanent Code or are unable to access our online services, you can mail us your application along with your documents.

Where to find the documents that could be requested


PDF versions of Aide financière aux études forms are available in the Forms section of our website. For other forms, ask the issuing body, which is often shown in the Details link for individual document categories.

Receipts and back-up documentation

The name of the issuer of a receipt or back-up document is usually shown under the Details of a Document to be Provided link in each document category.

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