Change in Amount

The amount of assistance that you qualify for could change during the year if your situation or the situation of a person who makes a financial contribution to the cost of your education changes. In such cases, a new assessment will be made and you will receive an email asking you to view it in your Online Services.

Updates to your file and verification mechanisms will lead to a new assessment being made. As a result, the amount of assistance to be paid to you may be increased or decreased.

  • Declaration of change
    You have updated your file because your personal situation has changed (for example, you no longer live with your parents, you are separated, you have a child). You are obligated to inform Aide financière aux études as quickly as possible of any change that could influence the amount of financial assistance that you qualify for.
  • Student status update
    You education institution is required to update your file on a regular basis to confirm the dates of your courses and number of credits or course hours. As only staff at your school’s student aid office can confirm student status information in your file and answer your questions, there is no point in contacting us about these matters.
  • Confirmation of financial resources
    Your financial resources affect the amount of your contribution when your financial assistance is assessed. You are obligated to confirm your financial resources twice each award year (in September and January) in order to avoid suspension of payments.
  • Verification with Revenu Québec
    Each year we check to see if there is a difference between the amount of your financial resources you declared to us and the amount you reported to Revenu Québec.