Sample Calculation

Gabriel is a single student with a parental contribution. He is beginning his second year of university and received financial assistance for the winter term preceding this application. For the fall and winter terms, he was deemed to be living with his parents. During the summer, he earned $5 000 and was not living with his parents.

How Gabriel’s Contribution is Calculated
Number of months during which no expenses are allowed: 4 (from May to August, inclusively)
Calculation of protected income: 4 X $1 142 = $4 568
Employment income $5 000
Basic exemption
Employment income (maximum of 30% of protected income) $1 370
Additional exemption
Student deemed living with parents
5% of employment income
(maximum: 5% of protected income) $228
Total exemption
–$1 598
Employment income minus total exemption ($5 000 – $1 598) $3 402
Contribution based on employment income (50% of the previous amount) $1 701
Contribution reduction
Student who is not deemed to be living with parents and who is employed
4 months X $380 = $1 520
Total contribution reduction
–$1 520
Gabriel’s contribution $181
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