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Eligibility Period

You could receive financial assistance as a loan and bursary, or only as a loan, for a number of months determined on the basis of your level of education, type of degree and program of study. Each month of studies for which allowed expenses are recognized for you is counted in the eligibility period.

The period of bursary eligibility corresponds to the expected duration of your studies, plus 6 months, while the period of loan eligibility corresponds to the expected duration of your studies, plus 15 months.

If you qualify for financial assistance at the beginning of an award year, you remain eligible for the entire year even if you reach the maximum number of months of eligibility during the year. However, if you change programs during the year, your period of eligibility will be revised in accordance with the level of education of your new program.

Eligibility for a bursary ends once you reach the maximum number of allowed months. Any other assistance paid to you during the balance of the award year will be in the form of a loan.

Basic eligibility periods
Level of education Expected duration of studies Number of bursary eligibility months Number of loan eligibility months
Secondary schools 20 months The first 26 months 35 months
College (pre-university training) 18 months The first 24 months 33 months
College (technical training) 27 months The first 33 months 42 months
University (bachelor's degree) 24 months The first 30 months 39 months
University (master's degree) 16 months The first 22 months 31 months
University (doctoral degree)32 months The first 38 months 47 months

The maximum total number of months of university (or equivalent) studies at all levels for which financial assistance can be granted, is 88.

Special situations

A number of different situations can influence your period of eligibility.

  • If you are a student deemed full-time, only half the months in this period of your studies are counted.
  • If you are a student deemed enrolled during a given period, the months in that period are not counted.
  • If you are a full-time university student with independent studies status, you can qualify for the Loans and Bursaries Program for no more than eight months at each level.

You can check your number of months of eligibility in the Eligibility Period section of Online Services.

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